Strengthening Our Community
“Strengthening Our Community has helped me to become more confident in making new friends and getting to know the multicultural student body.”

“Attending this workshop has allowed me to meet new people and learn more about my surroundings and the community. I enjoyed working in groups with other people from ethnicity and would love to do it again.” 

“Strengthening Our Community allowed me to meet people that I would not have approached on my own.”

“Strengthening our community has opened a door for me to become more aware of my surroundings and analyze my feelings.”

“Strengthening Our Community gave me a better understanding for how to handle and control my emotions and feelings …”

“I usually hang around white people but this workshop has taught me that I am not alone and I can have better relationships with other students who are like me.”

Diversity Training

Sir Aaron’s workshop was encouraging and affirming - inspires one to grow and challenge both self and systems."

“Attend, you want regret it; it will make you a better a person and clinician.

“Sir Aaron’s workshop was illuminating. I am relieved this information is being put out into the world; transformative. Highlights vulnerability & compassion; Yes! Sir Aaron uses great combination of seriousness and humor surrounding sensitive issues.

"Your workshop was certainly necessary and the best one I attended over the course of the conference."

"This was an exceptional learning experience in which I explored my own thoughts and feelings surrounding significant topics pertaining to diversity Thank you Sir Aaron!"

"This is valuable and engaging material."

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