Keynotes, Workshops, and Special Programs

Contact Sir Aaron with any questions you have pertaining to the listed Keynotes, Workshops, and Special Programs. Sir Aaron is also capable and willing to develop new materials or adjust current materiel to meet your organization's needs. To contact Sir Aaron please visit the contact page.

Strengthening Our Community 

(Specialized Programming)

Strengthening Our Community is a manualized self-help program aimed to help students of color adjusts to a predominantly White institution of higher education. Strengthening Our Community draws from prominent theories found in the areas of student development, cultural development and mental health. The overarching goal of Strengthening Our Community is to develop a safe place where students of color will develop feelings of belonging and connectedness with other students of color, while also building the capacity to regulate their emotions and advocate for themselves.

Strengthening Our Community consist of 2 stand-alone workshops, Building Our Self Up and Strengthening Our Self. Supplemental to these two workshops is the program, Advocating from My Self.

  • Building Our Self Up - In this workshop, students learn the skills needed to recognize and regulate their own emotional responses when triggered by acts of hate and discrimination.
  • Strengthening Our Self - In this workshop, students gain insight into the impact historical trauma and develop more complex racial worldviews.
  • Advocating From My Self - In this workshop, students are taught a set of skills that’ll help them advocate for themselves as well as other students of color.

*Contact Sir Aaron to see how you can become a trained facilitator of the Strengthening Our Community program.

Fostering Resilience with Youth of Foster Care 


Fostering Resilience is two part event. Sir Aaron will first start with a keynote address that promises to motive, educate, and inspire success. Sir Aaron will draw from his personal narrative and offer all in attendance a glimpse into his life as a child in foster care. He will share with you how he overcame the challenges that he faced to earn 3 college degrees and now working on his 4th

Fostering Resilience with Professional of Foster Care 


Along with a keynote address Sir Aaron will offer a breakout session geared towards professionals (foster parents, social workers, care providers etc.) within the foster care system. Sir Aaron offers a unique blend of professional and life experience that will allow for participants to develop a deeper understanding of the needs of youth who are in foster care. Participants will leave with an increase ability to prevent burnout and avoid compassion fatigue.

The Self and Diversity: Crossing the Intersection of Race to increase Cultural Competency 

(Keynote/Workshop/Intensive Training) 

Drawing from systems theory and theories of cultural and racial identity development, historical trauma, and mindfulness, this presentation will provide participants with a framework to help individuals reconcile the effects of historical trauma and develop Self-leadership within all areas of life. 

Participants will have the opportunity to explore their own racially developed attitudes and to assess how these attitudes might influence meaningful relationships. Using experiential activities, participants will learn how to recognize the influence of historical trauma within relationships. Participants will also learn techniques to assist in exploring racially developed attitudes while also developing dual awareness and the qualities of Self-leadership: compassion, courage, calm, connection, confidence, creativity and clarity.

Participants will:

  • Increase their ability to work across racial differences 
  • Increase the ability to connect with the shared humanity that binds us all 
  • Develop skills that will increase their ability gain clarity when face with issues of difference

Reconciling Historical Trauma in Students of Color 


This workshop introduces participants to multicultural student development through a historical trauma lens. Sir Aaron Mason will speak on the topic of historical trauma and its effects on students of color at predominantly White institutions of higher education. Participants are lead through experiential and mindfulness exercises to deepen their understanding of historical trauma and how to cope with issues of discrimination and hate.

The purpose of this workshop is to guide participants in developing a systemic perspective of the effects of historical trauma on people of color, specifically, college students of color.

Participants will:

  • Develop skills in assessing and coping with historical trauma
  • Integrate mindfulness practices and higher order thinking into coping strategies aimed to reconciling historical trauma
  • Develop a higher awareness and better understanding of "Self Leadership"

Microaggressions: The Little Things That Matter


Participants will explore microaggression and how they affect individuals within diverse communities. Microaggressions are common verbal, behavioral, and environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicates hostile or negative slights to individuals who represent various cultural groups. This workshop will provide steps in addressing microaggressions so that you are able to succeed within leadership and professional roles.

Goals of workshop

  • Increase attendees understanding of microaggressions
  • Increase attendees awareness of the psychological impact  of microaggressions
  • Provide attendees with tools that will increase their ability to remain professional and maintain leadership qualities when responding to microaggressions

Ready to Compete 


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